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SFT members now get a discount too

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SFT Members have joined members of AITI, ALTI, APTRAD, Asetrad, BDÜ, IAPTI, ITI, MET and UNIVERSITAS in getting a discount when they buy licences for IntelliWebSearch. If you are a member of SFT, look for the discount voucher code on the member-only

End of Year Sale

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25% Off Everyone who installs the trial version of IntelliWebSearch during the month of December 2017 will receive a 25% discount code at the beginning of January next year valid for five weeks from 1 February 2018. Why is it

Nondescript-Colour Someday or Another!

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IntelliWebSearch’s answer to Black Friday! For the whole month of December 2016, the free trial period has been extended from two months to three months. There has never been a better time to try out IntelliWebSearch! IntelliWebSearch is designed to save

Discounts for associations

Discounts for Associations

Members of some associations may be eligible for a discount on the list price, including AITI, ALTI, APTRAD, Asetrad, BDÜ, IAPTI, ITI, MET, SFT and UNIVERSITAS. To take advantage of your discount, all you have to do is: Choose the type

Licences for educational uses

If you are an educational institution, you may request complimentary licences for your computer laboratories and special prices for your students. Write for more information. These educational institutions have installed IntelliWebSearch: