Watch how to install IntelliWebSearch.

If you have never installed IntelliWebSearch Version 5 before on your computer, the program automatically activates for a two-month trial period, otherwise you will have to buy a licence.

Please read the known problems section of the ChangeLog before using IntelliWebSearch version 5.
You may also like to read the security statement.

Security Statement

Security statement

IntelliWebSearch Version 5 is not and does not install malware, keyloggers, tracking software, spyware, crimeware, adware, viruses, worms or trojan horses.

IntelliWebSearch Version 5 connects to the IntelliWebSearch website without asking you first when:

  1. You run the program, to check that your licence has not expired.
  2. You check for updates (either manually or automatically).
  3. You download a new users’ starter pack or you download new search settings from the Settings Database.
  4. You download a localized language interface.

When it connects to the Internet, besides the information a normal web browser would transmit, IntelliWebSearch Version 5 transmits an encrypted code number that identifies your computer and your licence activation code.

IntelliWebSearch Version 5 neither collects nor transmits any other information about you at any time.

IntelliWebSearch Version 5 monitors your keyboard activity only in order to detect the hotkeys that activate its functions.

IntelliWebSearch Version 5 runs under MS Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista).

Software specifications are also available in PAD format.

This is the download page for the latest version. If you want the old version 3, download from here.