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What is IntelliWebSearch Version 5?

IntelliWebSearch Version 5 is designed to save translators, interpreters, editors and terminologists time when searching the web.

What does IntelliWebSearch Version 5 do?

Pressing a convenient customizable shortcut key:

  1. copies selected text from your translation environment by simulating the Windows copy function;
  2. strips the text of paragraph marks, line breaks, tabs, double spaces, punctuation marks and various other superfluous characters (customizable);
  3. opens your default browser (Microsoft Edge, MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) and sends the copied text to one of a virtually unlimited number of user preset search engines, on-line dictionaries or on-line encyclopaedias together with other customizable instructions which limit the search according to the advanced search options available for the chosen web resource. Alternatively it can send the same text and instructions to local dictionaries on CD-ROMs or installed on your hard disk.

Another convenient shortcut key (known as the Return Key) copies any text you select in your browser or local dictionary and returns you to your translation environment, where you can choose to paste in the text using your translation environment tool’s own paste function.
IntelliWebSearch Version 5 is designed to be highly customizable, and to work (in theory) with any browser and any Windows application that has a copy function which can be accessed through a shortcut key.

How to use IntelliWebSearch Version 5

  1. If you choose not to run IntelliWebSearch Version 5 at Windows start-up, the first time you decide to use it you need to run it from the Start Screen (Windows 8 or higher), the Taskbar (if you have pinned it there), the Start>Programs menu (pre-Windows 8) or the Desktop icon (if you choose to create one during installation). IntelliWebSearch Version 5 opens in the background and a red i icon appears in the notification area near the clock in the bottom right-hand corner of your Desktop.
  2. Select the words you wish to search for on the Internet in your translation environment and press the shortcut key which opens the Search Window (Ctrl+Alt+B by default) or the direct shortcut key you have associated with the particular search you wish to launch. If you wish to search for words which are not on the screen, right click the IntelliWebSearch Version 5 icon in the notification area and choose Search or simply press Ctrl+Alt+B without selecting any text.
  3. If you choose to search via the Search Window, you can choose the type of search you want to carry out from the dropdown box in the middle (Default search, Phrase search, etc.), then double click an icon, click the GroupSearch button or press Alt together with the first digit of the number corresponding to the search you wish to launch, release the keys (optional) and press the second digit within two seconds (0 = 10, unless there are a hundred or more icons, in which case 0 = 100). If the search you want is not among those currently displayed, just change group using the dropdown list on the right.

How to use IntelliWebSearch Version 5