Read what IntelliWebSearch users say…

“If I add up all the searches I’ve done in the last ten years, I can safely say IntelliWebSearch has saved me several months in minutes spared.”
Gerard de Noord (Translator)

“IntelliWebSearch: a translator’s best friend!
Rivalling DVX in importance as a professional tool, IntelliWebSearch has been a godsend over the last ten years.”
Alexandra Scott (Certified translator)

“IntelliWebSearch — making smart translators even smarter for 10 years.”
Catherine Howard (Independent translator)

“Remarkably useful and time-saving tool. Truly I’m speechless.”
Asma AlOtaibi (Translator and translation instructor)

“I think the program is very good, and many people will find it extremely useful […]”
Naomi J. Sutcliffe de Moraes in the “American Translators Association Chronicle“, July 2008

“IntelliWebSearch probably would be the winner of the popularity-vote-by-translators award this year. […] Once you have your search engines and dictionaries for your language combinations set up, it’s incredibly easy to use and I promise that your fingers will think in IntelliWebSearch-terms from now on.”
Jost Zetzsche in “The 78th Tool Kit – Standard Edition”, International Writers’ Group

“Pour des gens comme nous, traducteurs, qui passons beaucoup de temps à faire des recherches sur Internet, un raccourci de ce type est précieux pour économiser du temps et des « clics », ce qui est aussi bon pour la productivité que pour l’ergonomie.”
Fernando Campos Leza, aae-esit / le bulletin – été 2008

“Well, I gave my presentation on IATE which went down a treat – and everyone’s ears perked up when they discovered that they could skip the cutting and pasting thanks to your neat little program!  40 time-stressed translators thank you!”
Markus Foti (Translator at the European Commission)

“IntelliWebSearch has to be the greatest time-saver for translators since Google stepped onto the scene. The ability to move seamlessly between Déjà Vu X or Word and Google and back again – and to customize the Google searches – has increased my productivity tremendously. Having resources like a thesaurus and a dictionary just a few hotkeys away is another time-saver. Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks, Mike!”
Susan Larsson (Translator)

“Una aplicación que te ahorrará un tiempo precioso frente a la pantalla, te evitará dar un montón de pasos repetitivos y te hará más feliz… Bueno, quizá me estoy dejando llevar un poco por la emoción, pero ¿quién sabe ;)?”
Óscar Mojón Sáa (Translator)

“It is great to be able to look up a word or phrase on Google or ProZ in one step straight out of Déjà Vu X. Up to now this needed several steps: copy the search word or phrase to the clipboard, open my browser, navigate to the search page I want (an extra step even if I bookmark it), paste in the search term, and only then can I start the search. IntelliWebSearch takes me straight to the search results on my favourite search page in one go with the “four-finger salute” (which I hear you can customise if you want to chop the number of fingers), or with two quick keyboard combos if I want to use a different search page.”
Victor Dewsbery (Translator)

“IntelliWebSearch is going to be a fantastic time-saver and will make my frequent Google searches much more efficient. I had been looking for something like this for years! Thank you, Michael – I think you deserve a medal or something :-)”
Herbert Eppel (Translator)

“I would recommend using IntelliWebSearch. It works much better than Wordfast’s two external dictionary macro commands.”
John Di Rico (Translator and trainer)

“[IntelliWebSearch is,] in my opinion, the greatest thing since sliced bread.”
Lori Cirefice (Translator)