IntelliWebSearch at The New Translator

I would like to thank the IULM University in Milan (Italy) for allowing me to present IntelliWebSearch during the Translating Europe Workshop, which took place on 25 October 2016: “The New Translator. Current Trends and Future Perspectives“.

The event saw the following speakers take part: Mario Negri (Rector of the IULM University), Paolo Proietti (Dean of the Faculty of Interpreting, Translation, and Linguistic and Cultural Studies, IULM University), Francesco Laurenti (IULM University), Enrico Terrinoni (University for Foreigners Perugia), Mirko Silvestrini (Unilingue), Roberto Menin (University of Bologna), Katia Castellani (European Commission), Irene Ferrario (AITI), Laura Brignoli (IULM University), Laura Airaghi (IULM University) and Nicola Morea (IULM University).

The entire conference was streamed live over the Internet and later posted on YouTube. Watch the IntelliWebSearch presentation in English.

The University also posted a short interview on IntelliWebSearch in Italian.