Comparison between version 3 and version 5

Data Obfuscation

Nowadays we have to be very careful about confidentiality. Obfuscation is designed to help prevent you from accidentally sending private data onto the Internet via IntelliWebSearch. It is basically a real-time find and replace function. For example, it you do not want to send a sentence with your client’s name in it to a machine translation service via IntelliWebSearch, simply tell IntelliWebSearch to replace your client’s name on the fly with a realistic looking dummy client name. If you use the Return Shortcut to copy the result back to your translation environment, IntelliWebSearch will do obfuscation in reverse, i.e. it puts your client’s name back into the text copied onto the Clipboard.

How to use Data Obfuscation

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Ad Hoc PluriSearch

Hold down the Ctrl key on the Search Window, click two or three (or more) icons, then hit Enter (or choose Selected items from the Launch searches menu or right-click the mouse and choose Launch selected items). The chosen searches (and only the chosen ones) are launched. You can also select a set of consecutive searches by holding down the Shift key.

How to use Ad Hoc PluriSearch

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Install as portable application

Unlike Version 3, Version 5 cannot be installed as a portable application because each PC requires a different activation code, but you can now clone your program settings easily from one computer to another.

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IntelliCopy Plain Text

You can define a shortcut key that copies text to the Clipboard as plain text without codes, tags, initial bullets and control characters, according to the program settings. You can even set up different shortcut keys to strip or keep punctuation and/or numbers and/or genitive apostrophes, or even change the case (title case, all caps, etc.), according to the search settings. This function is also an excellent way of testing that your data obfuscation settings work the way you intend before carrying out a real search. To set up an IntelliCopy Plain Text, just do what you would normally do to configure a search resource manually, but type the letter c (for copy) all on its own in the Start field. Do not forget to set a direct shortcut key!

How to set up an IntelliCopy Plain Text shortcut

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