Comparison between version 3 and version 5

Feature Version 3 Version 5
Price Freeware From as little as €25
Number of Groups 5 Unlimited
Maximum number of searches in each Group 10 Unlimited
Number of PluriSearches 1 Unlimited
Direct shortcuts to GroupSearches No Yes
Searches are represented by: Anonymous numbered buttons Meaningful icons
Browser used to display search results Virtually all browsers are supported* Virtually all browsers are supported*
Searches available on Search Window No operator, Phrase (Quotes?), Inclusion operator (Pluses?) No operator, AND, Phrase, Inclusion operator, OR, Full-word wildcard, Proximity
Query string encoding supported UTF-8, Windows-1252 Unlimited**
Unicode compliant Almost entirely Natively
String processing Strip numbers (option), punctuation (customizable), tags/codes (option), initial bullet (hardcoded), control characters (hardcoded); keep genitive apostrophe (option); convert curly apostrophes/quotes (hardcoded) Strip numbers (option), punctuation (customizable), tags/codes (customizable), initial bullet (option), control characters (option); keep genitive apostrophe (option); convert curly marks (customizable)
Return shortcut Yes, with optional single keystroke before returning Yes, with optional series of keystrokes before and after returning
Step-By-Step Wizard Yes Yes
Quick Wizard No Yes
API support No Yes
Form Fill Mode Yes Yes
DOM Mode No Yes
Search in local resources (bonus feature) Yes Yes
Import/export search configurations Yes Yes
New User’s Starter Pack One size fits all Customizable
Access to Settings Database No Direct
Import/export program settings No Yes
Special search parameter test centre No Yes
Localize As You Go No Yes
Limit on interface languages Windows-1252 No limit (Unicode)
List Mode No Yes
Data Obfuscation No Yes
Ad Hoc PluriSearch No Yes
Install as portable application Yes No, but…
IntelliCopy Plain Text (bonus feature) No Yes

* Any browser with a URL command line option. Only Version 5 allows you to choose Microsoft Edge as your preferred browser for IntelliWebSearch.
** Any Microsoft Code Page.