Localize the IntelliWebSearch Version 5 user interface


IntelliWebSearch Version 5 user interface and a short description of the tool.

Source language

English (en-GB).

Target language

All Unicode languages excluding Russian (ru-RU) and Dutch (nl-NL). Localized UIs are already available in the excluded languages.

Source format

XLIFF (user interface) and TXT (short description).

Delivery format

Same as source.

Word count

Approximately 990 words (user interface) and 110 words (short description) = Approximately 1100 words in total.

Sample text

Follow the instructions here to take a look at the entire XLIFF file. Note: you do NOT have to buy a licence to get this file, but you do need to install the tool. You are forced to install the tool in the interest of the quality of the translation: this is the best way of viewing the interface messages in context. Everyone is entitled to a two-month free trial code if they have never asked for one before, so you do not have to pay to do the job or prepare your quote. If you need to extend the free licence period to complete the job, just ask.

I will send you the short description if and when I accept your application.


  1. Experience of using IntelliWebSearch Version 3 and/or IntelliWebSearch Version 5.
  2. Localizers must work towards their first language (L1).
  3. Only freelance localizers may apply. No agencies.

Note that these are necessary requirements. Candidates who do not meet these requirements will not be considered.

Terms and conditions

  1. In order to implement an intrinsic quality control, localizers will work in teams of three. By applying for this job you authorize me to pass your email address to the other members of the team. All three localizers must agree unanimously on the version to deliver (or – failing that – by majority decision). The team is free to organize itself as it wishes.
  2. Localizers must sign their work. Their names will appear on the About window when the localized interface is in use. Their names and – if they wish – email/website addresses will also appear in a blog post announcing the availability of the new localized UI.
  3. This is not a rush job. However, if I hear nothing from the team after three months I will consider it defunct and search for a replacement.


Individual localizers are in the best position to determine what they need to charge for the job, so let me know how much your fixed lump-sum price (including taxes) for the whole job is in euros, bearing in mind the terms and conditions illustrated above.

In alternative you may decide to accept complimentary licence codes for IntelliWebSearch Version 5.

Please state clearly if you intend to accept complimentary licence codes in lieu of payment.

How to apply

Send your application to mike@intelliwebsearch.com with subject “IntelliWebSearch localization into [your language]”. Do not send attachments or CVs. Feel free to explain in one paragraph why you think you are the best person for the job.