IntelliWebSearch and Raw Output Evaluator at TeTra 5 in Forlì

TeTra 5

Both software tools will be on display at TeTra 5, an important international conference devoted to translation technology, which will be held at the Forlì Campus of the University of Bologna on 14 and 15 March 2019. IntelliWebSearch helps save

Raw Output Evaluator in Zürich


The latest creation by IntelliWebSearch developer Mike Farrell went on show at the Language Quality Assurance Symposium 2019 in Zürich. The main thing that distinguishes Raw Output Evaluator from virtually all translation environment tools is that it has several target

IntelliWebSearch Christmas Tree 2018

IntelliWebSearch Christmas tree

Merry Christmas! IntelliWebSearch Version 5.1 is here. It includes all the old, loved search features, plus brand new API support. All valid IntelliWebSearch 5.0 licence holders may upgrade to the new version for free. To use an API you need to

IntelliWebSearch 5.1 is on its way – Call for beta testers

IntelliWebSearch v. 5.1 with API support

A new version of IntelliWebSearch is going beta now Version 5.1 will include all the old, loved search features, plus brand new API support. More and more terminology websites are making their resources available through APIs, in what is becoming

IATE and IntelliWebSearch, update

IATE update

The new version of IATE, released on 12 November 2018, can now be consulted via IntelliWebSearch. Settings for a very simple search are shown below. Replace it in the Finish string with the ISO 639-1 code for your source language,

IATE and IntelliWebSearch


Several IntelliWebSearch users have reported that they cannot access the new version of IATE, which was released on 12 November 2018. Well, don’t panic: I have some good news for you! Manuel Leal, a Language Technology Coordinator at the Council

A new software tool from the developer of IntelliWebSearch: Raw Output Evaluator

Raw Output Evaluator

Raw Output Evaluator, developed for a postgraduate course module aimed at teaching the use of machine translation and post-editing at the IULM University in Milan, was officially launched to the public in a workshop at Translating and the Computer 40

IntelliWebSearch in Valencia, at IAPTI 2018

IAPTI 2018

The Web’s the Limit with IntelliWebSearch (Almost) Unlimited 29-30 September 2018 IntelliWebSearch is delighted to be at IAPTI 2018, where conference-goers can see a detailed demo. Translators often need to check large numbers of terms on the Internet as efficiently

Try IntelliWebSearch Again!

Try Again!

We have all done it, right? Downloaded the trial version of a software tool we are interested in, and then not had time to look at it. Perhaps a rush job comes in, or a family emergency, or maybe we just

SKTL joins other associations in getting a discount

SKTL logo

SKTL Members have joined members of AITI, ALTI, APTRAD, Asetrad, BDÜ, IAPTI, ITI, MET, SFT and UNIVERSITAS in getting a discount when they buy licences for IntelliWebSearch. If you are a member of SKTL, look for the discount voucher code on the member-only