ChangeLog for v. 5.0

27 July 2015 – v. – First public release.

7 August 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: IntelliWebSearch was reported to freeze in certain circumstances.

11 August 2015 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: Some users reported incompatibilities between IntelliWebSearch and the new Microsoft Edge browser. With this fix, IntelliWebSearch now appears to be fully Windows 10 compatible.

14 August 2015 – v. – Optional Update – New feature: Default search setting (on the Other tab of the Program Settings window) changed from a counter to a more intuitive dropdown box.

16 August 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: there were various problems if new group names were part of existing group names (i.e. contained in them). New feature: it is now possible to left click the red i icon in the notification area to open the Search Window. Right clicking shows the menu as before.

14 September 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – Bugs fixed: 1. an error message appeared when OK was clicked on the Define language parameters dialogue box; 2. it was impossible to save the program settings if the Return shortcut was set to blank and Use keyboard hook was toggled. New feature: many of the user interface messages can now be written on two lines making localization into some languages easier (typo also fixed in one message).

14 September 2015 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: a non-critical error message appeared when the user interface language was changed, and only part of the interface changed language.

1 October 2015 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: in some cases, the installation procedure showed options to update a previous installation or uninstall the tool even when the tool had already been uninstalled.

4 October 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – Bugs fixed: 1. the display font may now be set to a size of between 4 and 14 pts. so that it is impossible to set microscopic unusable values; 2. XLIFF import now working correctly; 3. various glitches with localized interfaces ironed out. New feature: the activation code is now stored in the Windows register so the settings file may be placed in a shared folder (note: update to v. or later on all PCs before moving the settings file).

22 October 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – Bugs fixed: 1. the tool now works correctly when completely empty (no groups and no search settings); 2. new settings added via the Wizard will now always appear immediately in the selected group and the All items group; 3. various problems with the Keystroke Recorder fixed; 4. new string copy method added (5), which only simulates Ctrl+Ins and never tries Ctrl+C; 5. more glitches with localized interfaces ironed out. New feature: you may now choose Fresh Installation when upgrading, which deletes all previous program settings and search settings.

22 October 2015 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: uninstall routine did not remove the tool from the list of installed programs.

11 November 2015 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: more problems with the Keystroke Recorder fixed. New features: 1. the tool now remembers if it was in Details View or Icons View between sessions and reopens accordingly; 2. List Mode on a Text File now only triggers if the file selected is one of 536 recognized text file types.

25 November 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – Bugs fixed: 1. problem typing (a) for @ in the Keystroke Recorder fixed; 2. occasional Localize Window freezing fixed; 3. problem importing settings from the Settings Database to a new group fixed.

10 December 2015 – v. – Optional Update – New features: 1. how-to video link in the red i icon menu; 2. two-month trial period now starts automatically (no waiting for an email with activation code); 3. pop-up reminder of imminent expiry during the last five days of activation period.

24 December 2015 – v. – Critical Update – Critical bug fixed: in some conditions, the Settings folder path on the Program settings window disappeared causing the tool to load “empty” with apparent data loss (in reality the settings data file is still there, but you have to reselect the correct path). Other bugs fixed: 1. the special search parameter test centre did not work correctly for local resource, Form Fill Mode, DOM Mode, and IntelliCopy Plain Text settings; 2. Export interface to XLIFF appended the new file to any existing file with the same name rather than overwriting it; 3. more issues with the Keystroke Recorder ironed out. New feature: there is now a button on the Keystroke Recorder that can be used to input @.

29 December 2015 – v. – Recommended Update – New features: 1. by popular demand, licences may now be transferred from one PC to another (Manage licences on red i icon menu).

15 January 2016 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: Import interface from XLIFF problem solved.

28 February 2016 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: spurious hotkey conflicts were reported when the Search window shortcut or Return shortcut was set to none. Improved performance: smoother List Mode experience: the Search window no longer closes and reopens between list items, but remains open in the foreground until the end of the list; Search window height and width saved between sessions. New feature: option to leave the Search window open in the foreground after a search to make booth use easier for simultaneous interpreters.

29 February 2016 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: issue with Return shortcut and smoother List Mode experience introduced in v. solved.

3 May 2016 – v. – Optional Update – Bugs fixed: 1. the IntelliWebSearch Wizard now works even if Google responds with a “We’re Sorry” error page: just type in the characters Google asks for and continue; 2. Strip punctuation and Strip digits are no longer set by default for newly added/imported/converted search settings. New feature: newly added/imported/converted Google searches will automatically have the correct search operator settings.

26 May 2016 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: spurious error message when editing a group after previously opening the group edit window just to look at the settings without doing any editing; Improved performance: more robust installation procedure in adverse conditions (poor Internet connection, etc.). New features: 1. Warning message before deleting a group; 2. Warning message before removing icons from groups.

15 August 2016 – v. – Optional Update – Bug fixed: in some circumstances, icons continued to be displayed for deleted searches until the tool was closed; New features: IntelliWebSearch can now be run and used with dictionaries and other resources installed on your hard drive even without an Internet connection. This is particularly useful when travelling (flight mode).

5 January 2017 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: official localized UI install routine was not fully Unicode compliant; New features: official Russian and Dutch localized user interfaces.

20 May 2018 – v. – Recommended Update – Bug fixed: text strings containing incomplete tags caused IntelliWebSearch to freeze; New features: all communication between the tool and the IntelliWebSearch website is encrypted with SSL technology; Reset return application gives a choice between Latest and Choose.