Happy Birthday IntelliWebSearch

On 22 November 2005, IntelliWebSearch v. 1.9.1 was launched. It was the first public release of a time-saving term search tool that is about to reach ten years of age.

To celebrate this important anniversary, something special is going to happen on this webpage at 16:00 Central European Time on 22 November 2015*.

Come back and visit this page on IntelliWebSearch’s 10th birthday and find out what the surprise is: you will not be disappointed.

“If I add up all the searches I’ve done in the last ten years, I can safely say IntelliWebSearch has saved me several months in minutes spared.”
Gerard de Noord (Translator)

“IntelliWebSearch: a translator’s best friend!
Rivalling DVX in importance as a professional tool, IntelliWebSearch has been a godsend over the last ten years.”
Alexandra Scott (Certified Translator)

“IntelliWebSearch — making smart translators even smarter for 10 years.”
Catherine Howard (Independent translator)

Remarkably useful and time-saving tool. Truly I’m speechless.
Asma AlOtaibi (Translator and Translation instructor)

* you may need to refresh the page.