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How to use Details View in IntelliWebSearch

The Search Window consists of six menus (including the context menu), a search string input box, four buttons, two dropdown lists and an area with all the available searches shown as icons or organized into four columns (Details View). Here is how to use Details View.

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How to set up an IntelliCopy Plain Text shortcut in IntelliWebSearch

You can define a shortcut key that copies text to the Clipboard as plain text without codes, tags, initial bullets and control characters, according to the program settings. You can even set up different shortcut keys to strip or keep punctuation and/or numbers and/or genitive apostrophes, or even change the case (title case, all caps, etc.), according to the specific settings.

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How to set up a local dictionary in IntelliWebSearch

Local dictionary access is a bonus feature and not a primary function. The technique in the case of local dictionaries is similar to Form Fill Mode.

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