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Cookies are small data files created by a website and stored on your computer or mobile device. This website sets two first-party cookies, each of which are strictly technical and necessary. It does not use marketing, statistics or third-party cookies:

This preserves the user session state across page requests. It is set to a random alphanumeric value, which only lasts as long as your web browser is open.

This cookie is set to “yes” once you have clicked the consent pop-up; this prevents it from appearing each time you visit this website. It is valid for one year.

Local storage objects

Besides cookies, this website also creates a local storage object, which is also used to store data on your computer or mobile device. Unlike cookie data, local storage objects are never transmitted back to the server:

(reported by some systems as @@History/@@scroll|#)
This local storage object stores status information for Flowplayer, the software package used to play video content on this website. It is persistent.

Cookie privacy

None of the cookies or local storage objects this website sets are used to collect or record your IP address or other personal data that would allow your identity or whereabouts to be established. This website is therefore GDPR compliant. For further details regarding privacy, see the IntelliWebSearch privacy policy.