IntelliWebSearch at the University of Trieste

SSLMIT - Università di Trieste

The Department of Legal, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Trieste installs IntelliWebSearch. If you are an educational institution, you may request complimentary licences for your computer laboratories and special prices for your students. Write for more information.

SFT members now get a discount too

SFT logo

SFT Members have joined members of AITI, ALTI, APTRAD, Asetrad, BDÜ, IAPTI, ITI, MET and UNIVERSITAS in getting a discount when they buy licences for IntelliWebSearch. If you are a member of SFT, look for the discount voucher code on the member-only

Delighted to Sponsor Wordfast Forward 2018

Wordfast Forward 2018

IntelliWebSearch joins Wordfast users, developers, trainers, staff, and tech support for the 2018 edition of Wordfast Forward, which will take place in Cascais, Portugal on 1-2 June 2018. On Friday 1 June at 15:10, Michael Farrell, the tool developer, will

Proud to sponsor Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference

Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference

As online sponsor of Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference (17-19 May, 2018), IntelliWebSearch is offering two complimentary 12-month activation codes for IntelliWebSearch Version 5 as raffle prizes.

Live Webinar with KTV

Logo KTV

10 April 2018 Translators, editors, terminologists, interpreters and lexicographers often need to check large numbers of terms on the Internet in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Without a time-saving tool for Windows like IntelliWebSearch, this entails repeatedly copying

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Feeling Lucky with IntelliWebSearch


An IntelliWebSearch user wrote: We use memoQ, and we often get URLs in segments and comments that are not working hyperlinks. I was wondering if there is a setting we could use in IntelliWebSearch, where we could select the URL

The search is on: article in the ITI Bulletin

ITI article

A big thanks to Claire Selden for writing an article in the ITI Bulletin about her impressions of IntelliWebSearch after attending the workshop organized by ITI’s London Region Group at UCL last year. Claire says “whenever you come across a

Festive Fun with IntelliWebSearch

IntelliWebSearch meets AITI Marche

What could be better to celebrate the Christmas season than discovering the ins and outs of IntelliWebSearch in a three-hour workshop? Nothing, according to AITI Marche! Thanks for the hospitality and Merry Christmas to all.

End of Year Sale

IntelliWebSearch teaser

25% Off Everyone who installs the trial version of IntelliWebSearch during the month of December 2017 will receive a 25% discount code at the beginning of January next year valid for five weeks from 1 February 2018. Why is it

Helping speed up terminology searches in London

IntelliWebSearch: helping you speed up terminology searches

A pleasant evening in central London, discovering how IntelliWebSearch can help speed up terminology searches. Thanks to the ITI London Regional Group for the organization and UCL for providing the venue.