I’ve bought the licence, now what?

Once you receive your activation codes, right click the red i icon in the notification area and choose Manage licences from the menu that appears: Alternatively you can open the Search Window (Ctrl+Alt+B by default) and choose Manage licences from the Help menu: Type in an activation code and your email address,

IntelliWebSearch at the Wordfast User Conference 2016

IntelliWebSearch was proud sponsor of the Wordfast User Conference in Nice, France, on 28-30 April 2016. Developer Michael Farrell also presented the tool to attendees in his session The Web’s the limit with IntelliWebSearch (Almost) Unlimited. Many thanks to John

IntelliWebSearch’s Developer on Marketing Tips for Translators

For episode 81 of her popular prize-winning podcast Marketing Tips For Translators, Tess Whitty interviewed IntelliWebSearch’s developer Michael Farrell about his translation career and the latest version of his time-saving productivity tool. IntelliWebSearch returned the favour by sponsoring several other

New feature for interpreters

Unlike translators, simultaneous interpreters do not have a source language text file in the booth with them where they can select a word or phrase and hit a hotkey. They need somewhere they can type in what they hear. For

Discounts for associations

Members of some associations may be eligible for a discount on the list price, including AITI, ALTI, APTRAD, Asetrad, BDÜ, IAPTI, ITI, MET and UNIVERSITAS. To take advantage of your discount, all you have to do is: Choose the type

Licences for educational uses

If you are an educational institution, you may request complimentary licences for your computer laboratories and special prices for your students. Write for more information. These educational institutions have installed IntelliWebSearch:

Unused licences no longer expire after three months

Activation codes expire on their natural expiry date Instead of expiring after three months, unused licences now expire on their natural expiry date according to their initial duration. In other words, if you receive a twelve-month activation code, it will expire twelve

Licences may now be moved from PC to PC

By popular demand, licences may now be transferred from one PC to another. To access this new function, you must first update IntelliWebSearch to v. or better. The quickest way to transfer an activation code is to carry out

Christmas Gift

IntelliWebSearch (almost) Unlimited is the ideal Christmas gift for the translator who has (almost) everything Just choose the type of licence you want to buy and select the gift option on the shopping cart page. Merry Christmas and Happy IntelliWebSearching!

Happy Birthday IntelliWebSearch

On 22 November 2005, IntelliWebSearch v. 1.9.1 was launched. It was the first public release of a time-saving term search tool that is about to reach ten years of age. To celebrate this important anniversary, something special is going to happen on this webpage